OpenSea’s Deals Launch Draws Mixed Reviews From Web3 Community

When OpenSea hinted at a big announcement last week, many speculated a token launch was imminent. But instead, they surprised users by unveiling a new “Deals” feature for direct NFT trading on their platform.

Deals lets users exchange NFTs or bundles of NFTs from their collections for others’ NFTs. WETH can also be added to offers. This creates a more peer-to-peer experience right on OpenSea.

Reactions to Deals have been mixed. Many approve of the added flexibility and security. Direct on-platform trading reduces scams from shady off-platform negotiations. However, some criticize the timing, wishing this came sooner. Others hoped for a token, not a product update.

The timing is debatable. But ultimately, a more trustworthy trading environment benefits everyone. Although late by some standards, Deals should attract new users desiring a safer experience. Despite criticisms, enhanced security is a clear positive.

Source: NFTNow