How Web3 Is Revolutionizing Crypto Trading for the Better

The emergence of web3 is transforming crypto trading in exciting ways. Decentralized exchanges like Uniswap now account for over 50% of Ethereum’s trading volume, enabling accessible and censorship-resistant trading. Robinhood recently launched in-app swaps for over 200 tokens on Ethereum, making DeFi more user-friendly. And India’s booming developer community has caught the eye of exchanges like OKX, which is planning a major push into the country to tap this talent for web3 innovation.

Messaging apps are also transitioning to web3, as platforms like XMTP and WalletChat offer enhanced privacy and censorship resistance by storing data on blockchains rather than centralized servers. This merging of messaging and crypto opens new possibilities, like attaching payments to messages.

Meanwhile, NFTs have created a new asset class that didn’t exist just years ago. But thanks to web3, today NFT sales top $41 billion annually. New tokenized assets like metaverse lands are also emerging to trade. And decentralized finance protocols like Uniswap remove intermediaries from swaps.

With enhanced transparency, reduced fees, 24/7 uptime, and global accessibility unbounded by geography, web3 is making crypto trading faster, cheaper, and more inclusive.